2019 Emerging Artist Winner – Ryan White

Ryan White was inspired to paint, like the vast majority of others, from the great Bob Ross. Upon going through some difficulties in high school, he turned to his half hour tutorials to help calm himself. After a few months, his mother had eventually convinced him to take up the brush and palette to put his subconsciously learned skill to use.

After months of churning out acrylic paintings (almost daily), he aspired to see his paintings not just around the home but on the walls of galleries. His mother was kind enough to give Ryan her old oil paints to help get started, and after 2 days he had created my first realistic oil painting of the mountain Ortler. Ryan had found something that he was pretty good at, and from then on he used some of the finest detail brushes available to create photorealistic mountains and landscapes stroke by stroke.

Ryan found it incredibly inspiring to view other artists’ work to try to understand how they’ve gone about their process and colours. He garnered inspiration from the likes of Michael and David Smith, as well as Andrew Orr, Samuel Earp, and too many others to reference here. These artists have motivated him to further his skill and branch out from the formula he had previously followed.

Since winning the Emerging Artist Award, Ryan sold a painting at 19Karen Gallery (who represent him). He has also completed several new paintings, some of which are hung at the gallery and others which he intends to enter into more award competitions. Just quietly, Ryan has also recently been approached by a rural gallery to exhibit his work there.

Over the last year, Ryan’s technique largely remains the same, although he believes he has become a slightly more efficient painter since last year.

As far as acclaim, he has won the Highly Commended Award at 2019 Lethbridge 20000 Small Scale Art Award in Brisbane and was a finalist in the 2019-20 Clayton Utz Art Prize.

Ryan White is definitely one to watch! Follow him on Instagram (@ryrythepaintingguy) or Facebook ( We are sure he will achieve great things in his artistic career.