Junior Awards

Welcome to the Junior d’Arcy Doyle Art Awards.

These awards are open to any school age student under the age of 18.  Each student is able to enter one (1) work to be judged, with a prize pool of $2000. Entries must be received by the due dates (see conditions of entry) and must meet size criteria to be judged. Judging will take place on Opening Night.  Dates TBA for 2021.

Several years ago, the d’arcy Doyle Art Awards directors decided to support the artistic endeavours of the youth in our community. Fostering new talent and giving young artists the opportunity to showcase their work is an important step in any creative’s journey. The success of the main awards lends itself to supporting aspiring young artists and exposes them to the talents of members of their community.

In 2020, the committee welcomed a formidable young lady to be the event director for the Junior Awards, supported by the considerable experience of the team.

Fourteen year old Katura Halleday will be taking the reigns and steering this event into the future. The d’Arcy Doyle Art Awards are very excited to be providing an experience for Katura which will add to her already considerable repertoire of event experience.

Katura held the 8×8 To Educate Exhibition in 2019, which was an outstanding success. This exhibition was designed to support Mission Educate with their donations for education of children in Mozambique. She raised nearly $9500 single handed.

Katura is also the subject of a documentary by Jude Kalman of Fish Films ‘Katura’s Story’. This documentary has been internationally recognised as the winner of the LAMPA film festival in Russia, she was also a guest speaker at the PERM international Forum for Volunteers in Russia. She will (together with Jude Kalman the director) present this documentary to the United Nations in Feb in New York. She is also involved in #INFOCUS as the Australian Expert.  This is a global project, igniting youth to help tackle the UN Sustainable Development Goals and is a four month project. She was also interviewed by the UN Office of the High Commissioner for her links with Art and Human Rights. 

We believe these awards are in very good hands.

For any further information or enquiries, please email juniordarcydoyle@hotmail.com